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World Immunization Week

Immunization is a fundamental strategy in achieving other health priorities, from controlling viral hepatitis, to curbing antimicrobial resistance, to providing a platform for adolescent health and improving antenatal and newborn care. Polio     Measles HPV HIB Hepatitis B Tetanus…
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Depression ? Let’s talk

Depression, although sometimes stigmatized, is a common disease which can occur in everyone’s live. However many people aren’t aware of their disease, or after diagnosis are afraid to seek for help from professionals, or even friends. #LetsTalk and anonymously share…
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ACDC is one of our IPSF Public Health committee’s Official Campaigns. This year’s online campaign consists of 6 Infographic posters:  * 2 myths vs Facts  * 2 Q&As  * 2 infographic posters  * A photo challenge by members of the…
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