TB Article Challenge Call

On March 24th, 2017, we will be celebrating World Tuberculosis Day. The World Health Organization has continued the theme: “Unite to End TB.” The IPSF Public Health Committee invites YOU to participate in our TB Article Challenge! The purpose of this challenge is to share projects, events, and ideas by you and/or your local associations, which spread awareness regarding tuberculosis. The five most outstanding and creative articles will be shared in an IPSF Public Health Blog! The first-place article submission will receive an honorary certificate!

For each submission, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Articles must be submitted in Google Document format, with the title of the document as follows: Organization, Country – TB Article Challenge.

    1. (e.g., APhA-ASP, USA – TB Article Challenge)

    2. If you are affiliated with a local association, but would like to complete an individual submission, use the following title format: Member in Association (Name), Organization, Country – TB Article Challenge (e.g., Member in Association (Sonia Habimana), RPSA, Rwanda – TB Article Challenge)

    3. If you are an IPSF Member that is not affiliated with a local association, use the following title format: Individual Member (Name), Country – TB Article Challenge (e.g., Individual Member (John Smith), United Kingdom – TB Article Challenge)

  2. Articles, pictures, and all other materials must be submitted to healthactivities@ipsf.org and to publichealth@ipsf.org

  3. Article length must be a minimum of 250 words in legible 12-point font.

  4. Articles must be written in English. In addition to the English translation, you may also provide the article written in your native language.

  5. Events, projects and ideas discussed in the article should be related to TB (e.g., World TB Day events, TB education, TB vaccinations, TB research, a fictional story about the future of TB and antimicrobial resistance, etc.).

  6. If you choose to write about events, the events must be completed. You may choose to write about events that have already taken place throughout the year. (E.g., you may write about a World TB Day event completed last year, and briefly describe your plans for making this year’s event even better!)

Submissions are suggested to include:

  1. Pictures! High-quality pictures are preferred, but not required. The more pictures you can provide the better.

  2. Graphics! If you have ideas or stories to share, you may provide graphics, such as comics, sketches, posters, etc.

  3. Events unique to your country and/or association! We want to showcase how you are uniting to end TB in your local community.

The following will be evaluated for each submission:

  1. Originality & Creativity

  2. Content

  3. Writing Style


***NOTE: Only one submission is allowed per association and one submission per individual member or member in association. The deadline for submission of these articles (with pictures) to healthactivities@ipsf.org and to publichealth@ipsf.org is March 10th, 2017.***

We are eager to read about the many creative events and ideas you and/or your association have organized to spread awareness about this major public health issue. During this time leading up to World Tuberculosis Day, let us compile our efforts to educate others about TB. Let us inspire other communities, organizations, pharmacy students, and healthcare professionals to spread this awareness. Let us #UniteToEndTB!