Vampire Cup

The Vampire Cup is an international blood donation competition among all the IPSF associations. In 2012 we collected 12,693 liters of blood, and we hope to collect even more this year! This is a growing project and a great way to help others. By participating in the Vampire Cup, you are building your IPSF association, promoting international relationships, and, most importantly, saving lives.



There are two components of the Vampire Cup: the Regular Cup and the Live Cup. Here are the rules for the Regular Vampire Cup:

Entering the competition:

  • All members within IPSF associations are entitled to enter the competition. In addition, non‐pharmacy students may donate blood on behalf of that association to contribute to the blood drive. Public involvement helps raise awareness of the importance of blood donation.
  • The national contact person or public health chair for each country who would like to participate should send the initial registration form to AND Contact your national contact person or public health chair to determine if your IPSF organization has submitted a registration form.

Blood Drive

Blood drives can be a maximum of six weeks long and can be held at any time between the 1st October 2014 and the deadline: 30th June 2015 at 23.59 (GMT+0).. The drive must be coordinated with a recognized blood donation organization (such as the Red Cross) that can verify the units of blood collected.

As the name indicates the Live Vampire Cup is a live competition that will be held between 11th and 18th of June, 2015. The differences between this modality and Regular Vampire Cup is that instead of reporting all of blood units collected by the deadline, you will be reporting your numbers as soon as you get them.

Winner Selection

In order to win, you must complete a tracker form and send it to your national contact person or public health chair. They will compile the data from their universities and send it to AND The forms must be submitted to IPSF by 30th June 2015 at 23.59 (GMT+0). It is encouraged to also send an activity report including pictures and promotional material to give ideas for future years.

The winner for the Regular Vampire Cup is decided by dividing the units of blood collected by the number of IPSF members in that country. The winner of the Live Vampire Cup is the association who collected the great number of blood units during the Live Vampire Cup.

Other Options

If you cannot host a blood drive, we still encourage you to hold awareness events. These events cannot be counted toward the Vampire Cup competition, but they are a great way to educate and raise awareness of the need for blood donors.

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